Basic configuration


1. How to configure

To get Fedex Packing Slip Generator working you need to configure it with test (sandbox) credentials or production keys. To generate the first one, you need to login to Fedex Developer center:

Screenshot from Fedex developer page


After clicking “Move to development” you will be redirected to the page with test keys generator form:

Developer registration form in Fedex

After filling the whole form, you will get necessary keys, the password will be send to your e-mail address so check it also.

If you don’t want to test this widget, you are allowed to generate production keys in the same way, just click the “Move to production” link:

Screenshot from Fedex developer page

Please note that before moving to production, you may need to certificate your integration here:


2. How to use?

Go to [Sales/Shipments] to generate your first packing slip. Click the “View” button in specific shipment.

Shipment details in Fedex packing slip generator


You will see new button in the top of the screen “Generate Fedex Packing Slip”, click it:

Generate packing slip button

You will see the entire packing slip generator form:

Packing slip generator form

You need to fill the whole required fields to generate packing slip.

Note that Fedex plugin is validating entered recipient and shipper address

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