How to configure theme

SwiperSlider located in different place

Make sure widget is set up to use custom widget zone: MainSlider

Swiper configuration for Market Theme

How to add Suggested Products Slider

Section is a part of QuickProducts plugin, a part of Theme package.

The Swiper mapping to a category or manufacturer doesn’t work.

Make sure you have set up widget zones for that sections. By default widget zones are set to "none".

Set up widget zones for market theme

Each item in the Best Sellers section appears twice

That is because of design. If you have less than 6 items of bestsellers, missing places will be duplicate. If you will have more, duplicates will be replaced.

How to add or remove Customizable banners

Section is build of topics. Need to look for topics system names banner_home_page_1 and banner_home_page_2

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