Dashboards - Charts and tables


All the necessary information from your shop displayed on one screen? Display, analyze and export data to Excel? With Dashboard - Charts and tables it is possible now! Choose the skin which you like to and turn your desktop into a real store command center!

Reports added to admin panel:

  • Sales by Category (also in time)
  • Sales by Products (also in time)
  • Sales by Customer (total value, buyed products, categories)
  • Registered Customers
  • Share of Sales for Manufacturers and Categories
  • Sales by Customer Gender
  • Sales by Payment Methods
  • Sales by Shipment Type

Plugin creates new tabs on:

  • Manufacturer
  • Product
  • Customer
  • Category

Examples of reports:

  • The best seller product in category
  • Products purchased by customer
  • Share of sales by category in subcategories

It creates also new Menu Items with detailed reports:

  • Product reports
  • Customer reports
  • Order reports

Plugin gives possibility to set up personalized skin (from 10 implemented skins)

From version 3.60 you can export all reports to Excel.

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