Example of use


Customer bought a thing, he is able to create ticket from details of his order:

Example of tickets system

After sending ticket, he will be able to view it by “My account/My tickets”

Screenshot from Tickets System example

System sending info (which you may looked at “System/Message Queue”)

Screenshot from Tickets System example

First mail is send to customer`s email address, second one directed to sales department mail address as sales was chosen.

Screenshot from example of Tickets System usage

Store owner is able to view list of created tickets by “Nop4you/Tickets System/Tickets” On that list, is visible status of ticket, customer, department, store, subject, create date, and edit button, to open ticket and made action like:

- change status,
- change department,
- change priority,
- change staff,
- type response.

Screenshot from managing ticket

Please note, if customer is register, his mail will be linked, and you are able to see his data. If ticket is associate with order, also order will be linked to order details. If ticket is associate with product, then product will be linked to this ticket.

Plugin create extra tab on customer details (administrator panel). That tab showing all tickets linked with specific customer`s account.

Important notice!
nopCommerce 4.20 require to enable plugin first. If plugin will not be enabled, tab for customer`s tickets will not be vissible
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