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Our Arsenios Theme using custom widget plugin called FlexSlider. You may use our sample slides to show on your home page. To do this please go to “Configuration / Widgets” and click “Configure”.

Also please disable Nivo Slider.

To add new slider, please click “Add new slide”.

It opens new pop up window where you may add new slide. 

Image from our demo, you may find at the downloaded package inside Themes/Arsenios/Media/img-slider folder.

Also you may add text to show it on the image.

If you want to use style set by us, please add code below to description (please use source).

Code to paste:

<div class="col-lg-4 col-md-10 col-12">

<h2 class="slideTitle text-white">Welcome to Store</h2>

<p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam lacinia augue id posuere sodales. Nunc ut ultricies nunc, at congue felis. Nullam nisl neque, sagittis ac orci eget, dapibus mattis libero. Etiam finibus dolor mauris, imperdiet iaculis ante efficitur quis. Fusce molestie orci vel dolor faucibus scelerisque.</p>

<a class="btn btn-fancy" href="/motorcycles">read more</a></div>

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