How to create basic list


Now you should activate this widget, go to [Configuration/Widgets] and find the “Widgets.QuickProducts” enable it by clicking “Edit” and mark the “Active” checkbox.

If you do that, we can create our first product list. If you stayed on the Widgets list, click the button “Configure”. It will redirect you to the QuickProducts widget configuration.

On the new page click “Add new Quick Product”.

QuickProducts manual fifth step

Name – It’s the title of your list. It will be shown in the top of the inserted Product List.

Use Custom Zone – You can check this box if you want to use custom widget zone, instead of predefined nopCommerce widget zones.

Widget Zones – List of the predefined nopCommerce widget zones.

Template Name – It’s template of your list, you can create your own templates and use them here. The process of template creation is described in the next chapters.

Customer roles – You can specify if the list should be limited to roles or not.

Limited to stores – You can specify if the list should be limited to stores or not.

Date Time From/To – You can specify time frames when the product list will be shown. If you leave it empty, you will have a permanent product list.

Published – You can specify if the list is published or not.

To finish the creation process, you need to choose products which should appear inside the product list. To do that, just click the “Add new” button and choose them. After that, save changes and you will see your list in the specified place. In my example, I’ve created a simple product list on homepage, it looks like:

QuickProducts basic list final step

Frontend view:

Front end view of basic list

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