How to manage tasks

1. Searching

Screenshot from managing tasks in ToDoList Manager


You can filter your tasks by:

- Start/End Date

- Name

- Task Number

- Status

- Priority

- Staff

- Task Type

- Tags

2. Adding and editing tasks

Screenshot from ToDoList Manager - managing tasks

To create task you need to fill this fields:

Name – Enter the name of task

Start/End Date – Specify time period for this task

Status – Choose status of task

Staff – Assign staff to this task

Priority – Choose priority of task

Description – if necessary add description of task

Private task – If you check this box, this task will be private for you or for assigned staff

Assign to project – You can choose to which project this task should be assigned

Task Type – Choose task type

Customer Email – Enter customer email to which this task should be assigned

Product – Choose product to which this task should be assigned

Tags – Enter tags for this task

Attachment – If necessary you can upload files to this task In the second tab you are able to add comments to this task.

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