Poczta Polska - Pickup points

poczta polska

It was created for people who want to send packages through Poczta Polska Pickup points. Thanks to the built-in map, customers will be able to choose easily and quickly the locations of parcel collections from Poczta Polska.


In the store checkout, the user will be able to select Poczta Polska as a delivery method for their order. Additionally, the user will be able to specify the destination that their order will be delivered to.

First step is to find the point on a map


Second step is to choose the desired point:

Check map


Configuration is very simple, it contains just three fields:

Configuration of Poczta Polska

Shipping method - you can choose which shipping method should be responsible for inPost Lockers

Checkout attribute - you need to specify checkout attribute where the inPost Locker will be saved

Output format - is a format in which inPost Locker is saved. 

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