Basic configuration


1. General Settings

First, I would recommend to enable it. Go to “Configuration” -> “Widgets” and find Ticket System on list. By clicking Edit button, you may enable it.

Screenshot from configuration in Tickets System

Next you need to configure it.

Second screenshot from configuration in Tickets System

Important notice!
To create contact forms you need tick option, save and restart application!


If you want to allow your customers create tickets, you will need to check (you may choose, or check both):

Third screenshot from configuration in Tickets System

You may set if your customers be able to create ticket directly from order, product. You may also check option (1 on screen above) so every contact us mail will be sent as a ticket.

In version 3.80 plugin allow to close ticket by customer (example: if customer manage to resolve own issue), you may also set minimum time between tickets to avoid spam.

To control which messages are sent, you will need to visit “Notification” tab and check settings you want.

Screenshot from basic configuration in Tickets System

To edit content of messages, you need to choose message from Message Template. More info is given in point Ticket Message Templates.

Screenshot from admin panel in Tickets System

2. Departments and staff

To get better control, you may sort messages and/or ticket by grouping it according to departments. You may use staff assignment as well.

To add Departments just follow “Nop4you/Tickets System/Departments”

Screenshot from admin panel departments and staff

Simply add new record to the list. You may set store or email account.

Manage departments

To add Staff just follow “Nop4you/Tickets System/Staff”

Manage staff in Tickets System

Add new record, you may also specify department mail, or personal mail to send notification and give ability to answer directly by email.

Add new staff

3. Ticket Message Templates

Go to “Nop4you/Tickets System/Message Template”. You will find all messages which are sent to staff or your customers. You may edit it just like system messages.

Message templates in Tickets System

Allow token list:


Important notice!
If you would like to add own fields to contact form or to tickets, you will need to add token, which will display custom values - %Ticket.AttributeTXT%.
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