How to create a template


During the creation process, you have a field called “Template”. It’s basic cshtml file inside “Views” catalog of plugin. You can use the default one, but you can also create your own templates to customize list to your nopCommerce theme.

First step is to create a cshtml file, you can copy the default one and make changes inside it or create your own, empty file. What’s important? You need to leave a line with:

@model Nop.Plugin.Widgets.QuickProducts.Models.PublicInfoModel

If you are familiar with HTML you won’t have problems with creating your custom template. Please note that is recommended to have at least basic knowledge about editing HTML templates.

When you finish creating template, you should upload this file to the [your nopcommerce website directory]\Plugins\Views\Widgets] folder. After that, during the list creation enter the new template name to use it in new product list.

QuickProducts Manual template step

Note that you should enter only the name of the file, without cshtml extension.

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