How to manage staff, status, priorities and task types


1. Manage Staff

To create staff you need to go to [nop4you / To Do List Manager / Manage Staff]. To create new staff please click “Add new record” button.

Screenshot from adding new staff


Enter staff email (please note it must be registered customer). Also important is to create a Customer Role, for example called Staff, which will have access to To Do List plugin. If you add administrator with full rights, he will see each project, task, configuration and edit it. You can create customer role as shown below (On the left side of ACL – Administrator has full rights in plugin, on the right – I’ve created role called Staff and grant rights only to Projects and Tasks section):

Screenshot from ToDoList Manager tasks

Please note that rule Plugin To do – Dictionary is responsible for creating staff, priority, status options. So if you add this rule to your staff, he will be able to modify it. If you want have control on it please leave it unchecked.

2. Managing Status

Screenshot from managing statuses

We created for you three status of tasks and projects – Open, Processing and Close. If you want to add more just click “Add new record” button on the top of table and Enter name, define color of it (just enter name of bootstrap color, for example yellow, red, blue, green), check Notification button (if you want to receive notification about incoming tasks, shown on screen below) and enter display order.

Screenshot from tasks

All of task which will have status with notification set on true will appear in the “Bell” in the top of screen. You can directly go to task by clicking its name or view all your tasks.

3. Managing Priorities

Screenshots from managing priorities

We created for you three priorities of tasks and projects – Low, Medium and High. If you want to add more just click “Add new record” button on the top of table and Enter name, define icon color of this priority and display order.

4. Managing Task Types

Screenshot from managing task types

We created for you four types of task. You can create own by clicking “Add new record” button on the top of the table. You need to enter Name of type, specify icon for it (use fontawesome classes for them) and specify display order.

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