Invoice and packing slip at one click


nopCommerce 4.00 allow to get button without any modification. Just proceed to Orders list and click button.

shared button

For older nopCommerce versions you need to proceed as below.

At the configuration plugin page, click Install String Resources. 

install string resources

Next, go to Administration → Content Management → Widgets → PDF Invoice and set active.

set widget active

If you want to show extra button on the page Order List, you need to modify file


And add line at the bottom of the file @Html.Widget("PdfPluginOrderList")

view file modification for order list

The final result will be like:

order list panel

If you want to show extra button on the page Order Edit, you need to modify file


And add line @Html.Widget("PdfPluginOrderEdit", Model.Id)

just before line with: @Html.DeleteConfirmation("order-delete")

modify order edit page

And the final result:

final result of modification view files

The last thing is to set setting on true:
Go to Settings/All Settings (Advanced) and find setting named htmlpdfsettings.createtemporarypackingslip

change resource string settingChange value to true.

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