IPN Handling

If IPN payment authorization confirmation is set, https has to be enabled and proper entries have to be made to web.config’s (main nopCommerce file) appSettings section in order to verify Amazon’s calls:

<add key="accessKeyId" value="" />
<add key="secretAccessKey" value=" " />
<add key="merchantId" value="" />
<add key="applicationName" value="nopCommerce340" />
<add key="applicationVersion" value="1.0" />
- <!--
The optional values for environment field are sandbox or live
<add key="environment" value="sandbox" />
<add key="region" value="us" />
- <!--
Please add the slash at the end of directory path
<add key="logPath" value="" />
<add key="clientId" value="" />
<add key="certCN" value="" />


Important notice:

IPN require SSL certificate, but sandbox do not. IPN in sandbox may throw an error.

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