Paya Direct API Payments

The first Paya integration new payment solution for nopCommerce. Give your customers a choice and implement Paya payments in your store. Grow your business with secure, easy to install integrated solution tailored for you.

It supports three transaction modes:

Authorization Only (only authorizes transactions in case ERP is responsible for the fulfillment)
Authorization with capture (allows to captrure the order after the transaction has been authorized - two step payment)
Just payment (payment in one step - with no division into authorization and capture)
Plugin also notifies the support team by e-mail about declined transactions and logs the payment errors.

A new feature is that Void is supported.

Paya (before Sage Payment Solution) makes your life easier by enabling you to take payments wherever you are - your retail store, a customer's location, or on the phone. 
Whatever your payment processing need, Sage has a solution to fit your business, that is a safe, highly secure PCI compliant platform.

What is important for developers - Paya integration uses Direct API.

Urgent note: Working only for United States Country!

About Paya:

Paya, Inc. provides payment technologies and solutions to businesses of all sizes. Paya’s highly adaptive platform enables businesses to get paid, make payments, and manage their money—simply and securely. With Paya’s solutions, businesses can operate any way and anywhere their customers exist—on site, online, or on the go.

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